Lemme try talking about myself

This is clearly a LGBTQIA+ friendly furry area

Heiya! How are you? When are you?

I'm Perx (he/they), a 32 years old (or maybe I just should go with 30+ since I'll have to remember changing it every year) smokey black maine coon! Also a senior Product Designer/UX expert (ironically I'm having more fun designing such retro-styled website than modern, responsive ones).

So yeah, I've been in the furry fandom since 2004, so it's a damn long time and journey up to this date. I'm an artist, but instead of drawing things, I animate others' art. Recently I found out that stinger transition animations for streamers are also fun to make, so I'm working on them as well.

AND I've been trying to produce a few songs. I really enjoy it and I'm glad I've been able to at least produce one full song so far. It's something, it's getting somewhere. My biggest wall is focusing on a single style.

So, what do I like? What are my (odd) hobbies?

Well, I really enjoy discovering worldwide music, heavily inspired by Eurovision hits, and that fact is married to my love for languages (I'd really like to have a thick cable inserted anywhere inside me to insta-learn things), my music taste can be placed anywhere in the world.

BUT I decided to focus on learning Slovene, so dober dan vsem!

I can easily talk for a long time about said languages, martial arts, design, user experience, retro stuff, random games, pet rats, my cats, food... Yeah, an approximate knowledge of many things™

Where else can you find me?

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