These are my
Terms of Service

Be sure to read before anything. I’ll assume you’ve done so and you agree with them, so we can work together

Before we start


You must be 18 or older to commission me.


I reserve the right to decline a commission in case I don’t feel comfortable in doing so. This may include a complexity of a scene or some kinds of themes. NSFW art is allowed.


I don’t draw any of my animations. All of them are created by other artists and my work is to animate them.


The basic price is USD 100. What does it mean? It means that, unless there are more than 2 characters or I’m offering a discount, the price will be $100. If the art is less complex, it will take less time. If the art is more complex, it will take longer. I won’t charge more once we set the terms and payment.


Work will begin upon payment. If the commission price reaches $200 or higher, a 50/50 payment plan before and upon completion can be negotiated. I’ll send you a Paypal invoice as soon as we come to terms with all the details.


Sorry, due to taxes and currency conversion issues, I won’t accept refunds. So be sure everything is ok before paying the invoice sent.


When commissioning me, BE SURE to either be the owner/artist or provide me a clear, written permission from the owner/artist to animate it, since the art will be modified/edited. It can be a screenshot, a forwarded direct message or e-mail (I reserve the rights to verify its integrity).


During the process


If desired, feedbacks shall be given as I progress during the animation. Each step may be modified/redone during this feedback process. Once the step is approved, I may proceed, and the previous step won’t be changed again.


I don’t specify the finishing date. Since some of the animations may be more complicated to work on, it may take a while.


After conclusion


When the commission is finished, I will provide a full .mp4 version of the art. It will be kept on my OneDrive account for as long as I keep the account there, so the link won’t expire, in case you need to re-download it.


You may post the final animation anywhere, and I will share it within my social media accounts.


There will be an extra charge in case you want the animation’s source file. It shall be discussed.




“Can I show as many arts I have until we agree in one which would be good animated?” – Yes, of course.


“Let’s do an animated YCH/commission collab!” – Hit me up, yes.


“Which programs you use?” – Adobe Photoshop and After Effects.


Now, think it out loud: “I agree with those terms”.


Then the pact is done. This is silly, gimme my thing.